Connect and replace, anywhere that requires Fiber Optic Connector

Without any restriction to the place, space and time, your FTTx access can be achieved by SOLMate FTTH Connector
Making Solution for drop cable and Patch cords.

If you raise a question of “How to extend the drop cable or Quickly repair without loss in case of breakdown or breakage?”
then the answer is also
Complement the problems of existing connectors and solutions.
With SOLMATE splicing connectors, you can overcome problems with both high-speed connectors and SOC solutions and achieve only their strengths.
Advantages of wing-type protective sleeves and industrial adhesive tape.
It is waterproof and has strong durability against humidity and extreme temperature. The fiber splicing point is completely protected without separate maintenance.
Reduce time and failure rates for easy assembly processes.
The working time is as short as the fast connector without heating procedures using semi-permanent wing-type protective sleeves. Due to its simplicity and ease, the failure rate during the work process is lowered.

SOLMate Field Fusion Splicing Wing Sleeve Protection Connector

With high-quality performance using splicing technology you can use it for a long time without any maintenance. Considering it, it is evaluated that the cost effect is higher than that of fast connectors.

Industrial adhesive wing sleeve tape
  • No need of heating procedure

  • Waterproof

  • High endurance to humidity

  • Adaption to extreme temperature(-40~75℃)

  • Shock resistant

Item Specification
Connector Type SC APC & SC UPC & LC APC & LC UPC
Jacket Type 900um, 2mm, 3mm round, 2X3mm flat, 4mm
Insertion Loss Single-Mode < 0.2 dB
(included Splicing loss)
Multi-Mode < 0.2 dB
(included Splicing loss)
Return Loss Single-Mode > 60 dB (APC)
> 55 dB (UPC)
Multi-Mode > 30 dB (UPC)
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 75℃

Easy Assembly Process Compared to Fast Connectors & Conventional SOC

Without heating procedure using semi-permanent wing type protection sleeve, it takes shorter work time as much as the fast connector, and the simplicity and easiness leads to less failure rate during the work process. The wing type protection sleeve is made of industrial type adhesive tape, that is waterproof and having strong endurance to the humidity and extreme temperature to fully protect the fiber spliced point without any maintenance.



The SOLMate connector can be applied not only to the drop cable but also to the data center patch code. Instead of using pre-connected cables, you can use the SOLMate connector to manage the rest of the cables. If one of the connectors is damaged, only defective connectors can be replaced instead of replacing the entire cable. This enables more effective maintenance in the data center.


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