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SOLTECH Leading Korea’s Fiber Optic Solution

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Soltech is a South Korea fiber optic products supplier, and FTTH products and solution provider,
specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution of fiber optic products.

Soltech is an innovative manufacture based in KOREA.
Soltech is a professional Fiber Optic company in R&D, Manufacture, and Distribution of Fiber Optic Products.

We focus on developing industrial Fiber Optic converters, industrial ethernet Switches and Fiber Optic Links.
We design and manufacture advanced technology product that are ruggedized with high quality Also we have strict quality control policy based on ISO9001.

Based on our solid engineering experience and technological skill, Soltech utilizes progressive research and development to provide the best solutions.
In spite of rapidly changing business environments, we stand out as a leader in the implementation of advanced solutions with fiber optic data communication.

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SOLTECH will be your trustworthy partner through differentiated services.
SOLTECH’s product portfolio consists of industrial Ethernet switches, commercial grade Ethernet switches, Media converters, PoE switches, Fiber Optic Link, Coax to PoE converts, serial converters and network management software.

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SOLTECH Technical Support and Customer Service teams provide professional support for product or service issues.
With the 20-year experience, SOLTECH provides you best quality products to be your trustworthy partner.

Distribution and sale 97%
R&D 95%
Manufacture of Networking Products 100%
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