Optical Cable Termination Solution

Solution for terminating small optical cables
Waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use
Effective to apply in narrow and limited spaces

Field fusion-splicing connector maker

Portable mini size
No-heating sleeve process required
Charging by 5 Micro Pin

FTTH Drop cable Splice closure

Drop cable splice closure
Simple protection process using Wing type sleeves
Lower Insertion Loss and Return Loss
Tensile Force : Indoor 30N / Outdoor 100N

Drop Cable 3mm Round/2*3mm Flat (SC)

Easy assembly
Accurate with fusion-splicing
Semi-permanent life time

Drop Cable 2*3mm Flat (SC)

Easy assembly
Accurate with fusion-splicing
Semi-permanent life time

Drop Cable 3mm Round (LC)

Easy assembly
Accurate with fusion-splicing
Semi-permanent life time

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We are aware of the problem and want to solve it for better service.

Due to the environment and human factors, the drop cables and connectors are continuously damaged and it is common issue worldwide. The increase of data leads to expansion of the fiber network which requires the extension of the drop cables.

In this regards, suitable solution is on demand to have long lasting performance and to provide high quality service to the customer under the seamless communication environment.

By solving above issues, the Internet Service Providers and Telecom Companies are always eager to aggressively invest on next generation technology for better service and lives to the customers.

What SOLTECH makes it possible

SOLTECH offers FTTH solution that can reduce the maintenance cost and the A/S services rate pursuing high performance and quality to satisfy the customer.

Why SOLMate?

Major Difference : NO-Heating for Fiber Protection!

Easy Assembly Process Compared to Fast Connectors & Conventional SOC

SOLMate Semi-Permanent Wing Type Sticker Sleeve

Easy and Fast

Anyone can use it
easily and quickly

Save Money and Space

Cost of installation
and space savings

Solution Proposal

Suggest customized solutions
for your customers

Superior Performance

Outstanding product performance Industry-leading quality

SOLMate can solve these problems!

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