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Always working with customers SOLTECH will write a new history with all of you.

SOLTECH Company, a Korea fiber optic products supplier, FTTH products and solution provider, will make history with all of you.

2018 - 2015

Fiber Optic Total Solution

Jun. 2018 Seoul Metro Line 3
May 2018 National Recreation Forest CCTV Project
Apr. 2018 Lotte E&C Wonju Enterprise City

Oct. 2017 GS E&C – Intercontinental Hotel CCTV
Aug. 2017 Hanwha E&C –Hanwha District, Daejeon City
Jun. 2017 Meridien Optical System, Paju City
May 2017 Yongin City Hall CCTV
Apr. 2017 Taean Thermoelectric Power Plant

Oct. 2016 Environmental Corporation Sincheon Sewage Disposal Plant Daegu City
Oct. 2016 CCTV for Security, Busan City
Sep. 2016 Lotte Data Communication Company – Lotte World Tower
Aug. 2016 Posco – Combined Cycle Power Plant Palgeum Island]May 2016 Korea Expressway Corporation Yeongdong Expressway Tunnel Measurement System
Mar. 2016 Wind Power Plant, Gunsan City

Sep. 2015 Gamcheon Port, Busan City
Aug. 2015 Gimhae Airport System
Jul. 2015 Baekdu-Daegan National Arboretum CCTV
Jun. 2015 Seoul Metro Line 7
May 2015 Haemi Airfield System
Apr. 2015 Soltech Infonet Inc. Moving of Building to Dangsan

2014 - 2011

uCity CCTV Network

Nov. 2014 Korea Gas Corporation CCTV Pyeongtaek and Daegu City
Oct. 2014 SK Hynix CCTV
Sep. 2014 Military Camp CCTV, Quatar
Jul. 2014 Suburb CCTV Bismayah, Iraq
Jun. 2014 Integrated Coastal Surveillance System
Mar. 2014 Gyeongju Railway Signal Control System
Feb. 2014 Incheon Asiad Main Stadium System
Jan. 2014 Korea Compat Nightmare Range, 1st & 2nd Project

Dec. 2013 Inno-Biz Certified
Nov. 2013 CCTV for Security, Sejong City
Oct. 2013 CCTV 6th Project, Busan City
Sep. 2013 Security CCTV Ung-dong District, Busan City
Sep. 2013 U-city 2nd Project, Ansan City
Aug. 2013 Establishment of Soltech Corporate Affiliation R&D Center
Jul. 2013 LIG Training Institute Network System, Sacheon City
Jun. 2013 Air Force Weather Information System
May 2013 Asia Complex CCTV
Mar. 2013 Suburb Surveillance System Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Feb. 2013 Samsung R5 Factory Network

Nov. 2012 Navy CBT Project
Oct. 2012 Gimje City Hall Wireless Wi-fi Network Implementation
Aug. 2012 Airforce ACMI DDS Project
Jul. 2012 Guro Station CCTV
Jun. 2012 Halla Vivaldi APT Parkinglot Yeongjong Island
May 2012 U-City, Dongdaemun District, Seoul City
May 2012 CCTV 4th & 5th Project, Busan City
Apr. 2012 Pung-lim Parking Management System, Cheong-Na City

Oct. 2011 U-city Gangnam, Seoul City
Jun. 2011 LIG Training Institute PoE CCTV Network, Sacheon City
Jun. 2011 Seoul Metro Line 2 Station Network Construction
May 2011 Chungju City Hall CCTV Network
Apr. 2011 U-city Gwanak District, Seoul City
Mar. 2011 U-city Songpa District, Seoul City
Feb. 2011 Hyundai Steel, Pohang City

2010 - 2005

Industrial S-Ring Switch

Oct. 2010 Headquarters Marine Corps 2nd Suburb Surveillance System, Hwaseong City
Sep. 2010 Child Protection Security CCTV Optical Network, Jeonju City
Aug. 2010 LG Chem Suburb Surveillance System Optical Network
Jun. 2010 Imjin River Gun-nam Dam Floodgate Control System
May 2010 Surveillance System of Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty
Mar. 2010 New Port 2nd Surveillance System, Busan City

Aug. 2009 U-city Optical Network System Dongtan District, Hwaseong City
Mar. 2009 GS Caltex Refinery – Supply of Industrial Ring Switch

Aug. 2008 U-city Optical Network System, Dongtan District, Hwaseong City
Jul. 2008 Registered as Vendor for KT Commerce

Dec. 2007 Developed Gigabit Industrial Redundancy Ring Switch
Jul. 2007 KT BcN Networks – Supply of Optical Switch
Mar. 2007 March, 2009 GS Caltex Refinery – Supply of Industrial Ring Switch

Dec. 2006 U-city Optical Network System, Dongtan District, Hwaseong City
May 2006 KT Network Implementation Center Power Facility Team
Apr. 2006 Gangseo District Office Security System
Jan. 2006 Registered as Vendor for KT eNtoB

Aug. 2005 Terminal Disposal Plant of Sewage Optical Network, Cheongju City
Jul. 2005 LS Electric (LS IS) VME Optical Switch
Jun. 2005 Developed Industrial Redundancy Ring Switch
Mar. 2005 Registered as Vendor for LS Electric (LS IS) LG MRO

2004 - 2000

Fiber Optic Media Converter

Oct. 2004 Developed SFC400 Fiber Optic Hub
Mar. 2004 Developed Gigabit Optical Converter & Hub
Feb. 2004 Busan Metro Optical Network

Dec. 2003 Korea Broadcasting Stations (60 nos.) Optical Network
Apr. 2003 Incheon Airport Refueling System Optical Network
Mar. 2003 KT Netspot Optical Network

Nov. 2002 Seoul Metro Line 5 Banghwa Train Depot – Supply of Optical Modem
Aug. 2002 KEPCO KDN – Supply of Optical Converter
Apr. 2002 Developed Fiber Optic Hub SFC300

Jun. 2001 KT – Supply of Single mode Fiber Optic Converter
Jan. 2001 Launched 12-slots Converter Center

Jul. 2000 Developed Fiber Optic Converter (SFC200 series)
Feb. 2000 Korea Expressway Coporation – Supply of Fiber Optic Line Repeater
Jan. 2000 Establishment of Soltech Corporate Affiliation R&D Center

1999 - 1996

Fiber Optic Data Modem

Nov. 1999 Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery – Supply of Fiber Optic Modem
Nov. 1999 Korea Expressway Coporation – Supply of Fiber Optic Converter
Oct. 1999 Korea Expressway Coporation – Supply of Fiber Optic Modem
Oct. 1998 Construction of LAN System, Marubeni Korea (Japan)
Aug. 1998 Developed RS-485/422 Optical Data Modem
Jun. 1998 Developed RS-232C Optical Data Modem
Apr. 1998 Selected as Support Enterprise of Ministry of Information and Communication: Optical converter

Apr. 1997 Start of PC-LAN System Business

Jul. 1996 Launched Network Supply (Japan) Optical Modem
May, 1996 Established of Soltech

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