Drop Cable Extension & Maintenance Solution

Using the kit that inserts the fiber into the cable jacket and ability to splice connectors directly to the optical cable, thist solution does not require a separate tray in the FDF for easier installation and maintenance.

If you raise a question of “How to extend the drop cable or Quickly repair without loss in case of breakdown or breakage?”
then the answer is also
Reduce time
Reduce time and failure rates for easy assembly processes.
The working time is as short as the fast connector without heating procedures using semi-permanent wing-type protective sleeves. Due to its simplicity and ease, the failure rate during the work process is lowered.
Advantages of wing-type protective sleeves
Advantages of wing-type protective sleeves and industrial adhesive tape.
It is waterproof and has strong durability against humidity and extreme temperature. The fiber splicing point is completely protected without separate maintenance.
Water and dust proof
The outdoor closure Water and dust proof having IP65
The outdoor closure is water and dust proof having IP65 grade and not only the quality of the network but these closures allow you to have neat cabling structure.

SOLMate Field Fusion Splicing Wing Sleeve Protection Connector

With high-quality performance using splicing technology you can use it for a long time without any maintenance. Considering it, it is evaluated that the cost effect is higher than that of fast connectors.

Industrial adhesive wing sleeve tape
  • No need of heating procedure

  • Waterproof

  • High endurance to humidity

  • Adaption to extreme temperature(-40~75℃)

  • Shock resistant

Item Specification
Connector Type 2mm, 3mm, 3mm Round, 2x3mm Rectangular
Insertion Loss < 0.1 dB
Return Loss > 60 dB
Weight 2.7g
Core Single Core
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 75℃
Certification RoHS, CE

SOLMate Drop Cables that solves waterproof and tensile strength problems when expanding cables.


In general, connector adapters require frequent replacement because they have a high loss rate due to dustproof and waterproof vulnerabilities and frequent failures due to environmental factors.

With the SOLMATE field fusion splicing tool and the indoor or outdoor closure solution, the drop cable can be simply recovered with 100N tensile force and with no waste of cable. Based on wing type adhesive sleeve method for protecting the spliced point, conventional sleeve heating process for fiber splicing is no longer necessary allowing fast and easy assembly.


The outdoor closure is water and dust proof having IP65 grade and not only the quality of the network but these closures allow you to have neat cabling structure.


Improving the Beauty of Ugly Appearance due to the Messy Remaining Cables

Extension of the drop cable is also easy to achieve with low signal loss (0.1dB) using the closure instead of using the connector adapter which causes a lot of loss. By using the high-quality closure solution, it can enormously reduce the failure and aftersales service rate leading to customer satisfaction and costs reduction.


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