Optical Termination Cable Solution

Mini-FDF solution to replace the conventional FDF in the complicated Fiber Terminal Box
“Resolving space issue and Reducing cost”

Mini-splice closure that can replace current FDF for space savings “Optical Cable Termination”
then the answer is also
Compact Size mini FDF solution to use in the narrow space of cable terminal.
Integrating Optical Cable Termination solution to splicing connector can also be one total solution for spatial issue raised in the narrow-standardized area such as fiber, UTP, Coaxial terminal boxes of apartment, building etc.
Water and dust proof
Possible to expose cable terminal outdoor, allowing dustproof, waterproof and shock proof.
The outdoor closure is water and dust proof having IP65 grade and not only the quality of the network but these closures allow you to have neat cabling structure.
Reduce time
Reduce time and failure rates for easy assembly processes.
Using the kit that inserts the fiber into the cable jacket and ability to splice connectors directly to the optical cable, thist solution does not require a separate tray in the FDF for easier installation and maintenance.

Optical Cable Termination

  • SOLMate Optical Cable Termination kit is a solution for terminating small optical cables
  • Optical cable is distributed with 4 cores of 3mm drop cable in a small space by removing Fiber Distribution Box (FDF)
  • The enclosure is water and dustproof for outdoor use

  • It can be applied to narrow and limited spaces

Item Specification
Number of Cores 4 Cores
Type of Tube 3mm Drop Cable
Type of Fanout 0.9mm, 0.25mm
Optical Cable 7Φ: Suitable for 6 ≤ Φ < 10 optical cable
12Φ: Suitable for 10 ≤ Φ < 12 optical cable
Enclosure Dimension 7Φ: 105(W) x 23(D) x 23(H) mm
12Φ: 144(W) x 27(D) x 27(H) mm
Temperature Operating : -40~75℃, Storage : -40~75℃

SOLMate Mini Splice Closure Replacing FDF

Existing solution uses fiber distribution frame (FDF) including patch cords and pigtails spliced with heating sleeve protection. But using Optical Cable Termination and splice connector, splicing point protection is inside the connector, so no need of separate terminal for protecting splicing point.



  • Pigtail splicing connection

  • Protection of connection point inside the narrow FDF

  • Inconvenient with remaining optical cable

  • High possibility of unnecessary loss and possibility of failure

  • Heating sleeve corrosion problem after long time exposure

  • Quick assembly

  • Dust and water proof

  • Prevents Shock

  • Usage of small space

  • Splicing point inside the SOLMate splicing connector with no exposure

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