Indoor Closure_Screw

Indoor 3mm Round Drop Closure


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P/N: SOL-220
Easy & quick splice without heating sleeve
Professional Quality Testing Program for Network Switches.


Key Features

Detail Assembly

Industrial Wing Tape Protection Sleeve

Splicing 10 sec

Wing Sleeve Protection 3~5 sec

Simple Connector Making Process

Product Specifications

Item Specification
Insertion Loss < 0.1 dB
Return Loss < 60 dB
Weight 2.7g
Dimension 51.8(W) x 8.5(L) x 7.7(H)mm
98.6(W) x 26.5(L) x 12.3(H)mm
Operating Temperature -40℃ to 75℃
Core Single core

Comparison with Existing Solution

Conventional solution using connector adapter

SOLMate closure

Cable Type

Product Details

SOLMate Connector Maker Full Set Construction

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