Manual Chip Box
2-step Cleaver


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P/N: SOL-FC-20
Manual Chip Box 2-step Cleaver
Professional Quality Testing Program for Network Switches.


Key Features

Product Specifications

Item Specification
Fiber Scrap Collection Manual
Applicable Fiber Glass Optical Fiber, Single Fiber
Applicable Coating 250㎛, 900㎛
Clad Length 10~20mm
Cleave Angle ≤0.5˚
Dimension 82(W) x 69(D) x 41(H) mm
Weight 335g
Blade Life 16,000 Cleaving
Blade Adjustment Manual
Temperature Operating : 10~50℃, Storage : -40~80℃

Cleaving Procedure

Standard Package

Cable Type Quantity
SOL-FC-20 Main Body 1
Fiber Plate 1
1.5mm Hex Wrench 1
Chip Box Cover 1
Fiber Chip box - Manual 1
SOLMate Holder 1

SOLMate Holders

Cable Type Application Part No.
3mm Round Drop Cable Connector Cable DH-R3-CC
Closure Cable DH-R3-IC
Closure Sleeve DH-R3-IS
2x3mm Flat Drop Cable Connector Cable DH-F23-CC
Closure Cable DH-F23-IC
Closure Sleeve DH-F23-IS
2mm/3mm Round Patch Cord Connector Cable PH-R2-CC
Closure Cable PH-R2-IC
Closure Sleeve PH-R2-IS
3mm Round Drop Cable Connector Cable PH-R09-CC
0.25mm Fiber Connector Cable PH-R025-CC
Fanout Cable Connector Cable PH-R09-FC
* SOLMate holders shall be selected when the Cleaver is supplied as full set of SOLMate connector maker.


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